Tips to Prevent Wrinkles that Do Not Involve Face Creams or Supplements October 07 2014

There are easier and cheaper ways to prevent wrinkles than expensive creams and vitamin supplements! Simple changes that can give our skin a little break. Try these:

#1- Stop Smoking. Not only for obvious reasons but also because it requires us to pucker our lips. Frequent puckering = wrinkles around our lips.

#2- Don't drink through straws. And once again, frequent puckering = wrinkles around our lips. 

#3- Wear Sunglasses. By wearing sunglasses we don't need to squint. And you got it, squinting = wrinkles around our eyes. 

#4- Sleep on your back. We spend eight hours a night in one place, so give your face a break and don't smother it in your pillow. 

#5- Smile :) Not only will we feel happier, smiling will prevent that "frown line" between our eyes.